Why Landlords Require a Condition Report

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Why Landlords Require a Condition Report

When renting out a property a condition report is important to ensure that maintenance and updates are taken care off. As well as being a good landlord, it also ensures that you’re complying with the many regulations presenting within the sector

What is a Condition Report?

As the name implies, a condition reports documents the condition of the property. It is essentially a walkthrough that lists any defects present and what action needs to be taken.

Although these types of reports can be used to document day-to-day repairs, it’s important the electrical aspects are checked thoroughly.

An electrical-installation condition report (EICR) that should be carried out every five years, or each time a new tenant moves in.

Why Do Landlords Need an Electrical-Inspection Condition Report?

The completing of an electrical-inspection condition report ensures that the property is in good condition when being let to tenants. Not only does this ensure that tenants are kept safe but should any aspect of the electrics be tampered with, it shows they were in good condition at the beginning of the lease.

An electrical-inspection condition report can also be important when shopping around for insurance, as the provider will want to ensure that all the relevant safeguards have been carried out, otherwise, the landlord could be looking at a larger premium.

Who Should Complete the Electrical-Inspection Condition Report?

Given the importance of an electrical-inspection condition report, it’s important to ensure that landlords only enlist the services of a seasoned professional in the electrical trade.

Fortunately, sourcing a professional isn’t difficult, and you can make sure an engineer is accredited via the Registered Competent Person website, previously known as the Electrical Safety Register.

What Sort of inspections Should be Carried Out?

The type of inspections carried out can vary depending on the layout of the property, but as a rule, landlords should expect the following:

  • Checking All Electrics are Correctly Earthed
  • The Checking of Switches, Lights and Sockets
  • Checking That the Fuse Board is Safe
  • RCD Protection is in Place and working corrctly
  • Testing of wiring

How Much Should I Expect to Pay for an Electrical-Inspection Condition Report?

The overall price can vary depending on the size of the property, most prices range from between £180-£300

It can be tempting to choose an electrician that offers a lower price, and while there’s nothing wrong in doing this, you need to ensure that the electrician you use is a registered and seasoned professional.

As a rule of thumb, an inspection of a one-bedroomed property can take up to three hours. Those with extra bedrooms should add an hour for each additional room.

If you’re still in doubt as to how much an EICR could cost, then why not get in touch with VCO Electrical on 0800-019-3720 to discuss your requirements in more detail.

As well as offering a professional and cost-effective service, landlords can be confident that they’re fully compliant with all the regulation, meaning that there are no potential accidents waiting to happen, which could have a series of legal implications.